More Plant-based (Vegan) options!

(A special interview recently published in L’orient Junior with the owner of Barley & Bean on the subject of Veganism, in french)


At Barley & Bean our mission above all is the pursuit for truth. We see tremendous value in empowering our guests with the knowledge, and choices. With choices, awareness and conviction we can change our ways and future for ourselves, our community and ultimately our world. There’s a lot of supporting evidence that a diet high in plant based foods is very beneficial to our health, in comparison to a typical diet that has become very high in dairy and meats.

We are proud to bring you plant based (vegan) options prepared fresh in house, using only the freshest ingredients.
The Vegan Sandwich: A home-made patty with Red beans, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Cashew Nuts and Spices served on Rustic bread with fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato and your choice of dressing.
High protein, High Fiber, Low Fat, Vitamins and Minerals are some of the benefits of a diet rich in plant based whole foods.
The Plant Power Salad is loaded with fresh vegetables, quinoa and a mix of raw seeds and nuts.
Almond Milk can also be enjoyed as a substitute for milk, with any of your favorite drinks.
Fact: A diet rich in plant based foods has been proven to prevent, heal and reverse a large number of ailments.

There’s a lot of damn good information out there. We highly encourage you to tap into it, don’t be afraid! The truth isn’t pleasant at first, but only through this path can we free ourselves from the shackles of big food and pharmaceutical industries who’s main goals are, misinforming, controlling and profiting.

We hope that you’ll join us in expanding the knowledge so we can evolve into more conscious and loving human beings. Together, a step at a time we will make a change!